All my portraits are crafted using high quality materials, to prevent discolouring or fading. I offer portraits in three different styles: coloured pencil, ink and watercolour, and pastel.

Coloured Pencil

Coloured pencil portraits are very realistic, full-colour drawings. These are an excellent way of capturing an animal’s likeness in stunning detail. Coloured pencil portraits are offered on white, tan and grey paper.

Ink and Watercolour

Ink and watercolour portraits are a unique and fun way to capture an animal’s personality. A highly realistic ink drawing of your pet is splashed with colour, to make the portrait pop. Splatter colour is generally selected based on the colour of the animal, but any colour can be requested.


Pastel portraits offer a detailed, realistic likeness of an animal, and also have the option of having a background. Pastel portraits are not as detailed as coloured pencil portraits, so have a ‘softer’ look.

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